We produce and supply CHARCOAL in accordance with GOST 7657-84 and DIN EN 1860-2:2005 quality standards.

CHARCOAL FOR INDUSTRIAL CONSUMERS Wholesale of charcoal in polypropylene bags and big-bags

Charcoal — a solid porous high-carbon product obtained by heating the timber without air. Charcoal — is material comprising nearly 100 % of carbon, particularly for industrial consumers in obtaining activated carbon; the reduction of silicon metal, ferro-alloys, cast iron, non-ferrous metals; in the manufacture of carbon disulfide and carburizing material.

By quality in GOST 7657-84 there are three charcoal grades: A, B, C and several varieties from the highest to the second.

The quality requirements in western standard  DIN EN 1860-2:2005 are much softer.

CHARCOAL FOR PUBLIC CATERING AND HOUSEHOLD CONSUMERS Wholesale of charcoal in kraft-paper bags of a different size

Charcoal — is finished renewable energy product of the highest quality, safe and environmentally friendly. Today, more than half of these products used in the home and public catering. Charcoal is ideal for cooking a variety of gastronomic dishes, best suited for BBQ. It is used on the mangals, grills, barbecues, chargrills, fireplaces and ovens of all kinds. The charcoal has no harmful substances, and it has a high thermal efficiency. When burned, it does not produce smoke and flames, while ensuring the necessary temperature and heat, eliminating smuts and grime.

We offer charcoal in kraft-paper bags with a capacity from 1.5 to 10 kg.

PACKING Sorting and packing intocustomer branded packaging

Our equipment allows us to pack about 1 ton of product per hour, and a modern sorting system ensures high quality of a product.

It is possible to perform packaging of charcoal in customer’s bags printing its logo and company details. We invite whole salers, chain stores and restaurants for cooperation.

Becoming our client you will get a reliable supplier.

We guarantee: quality products, flexible pricing and professional service.

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