About us

We produce and supply products in accordance with GOST 7657-84 and DIN EN 1860-2:2005 quality standards. The flexible price policy and various supply conditions.


1. The company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of charcoal to Ukrainian and foreign wholesale market. Our specialty — charcoal of GOST 7657-84 and DIN EN 1860-2:2005 standards for the various spheres of production and application.

2. The company works closely with a variety of Ukrainian and foreign production and trade companies, as well as commercial organizations.

3. Equipment incorporated in manufacturing—is modern and innovative from SYNERGY-DREAM. It is in hands of qualified staff and under the control of competent management. Employee appraisal is conducted every year.

4. Raw wood of various species incorporated in manufacturing, allows producing the whole range of charcoal — from brittle coniferous to dense deciduous, with 75% to 92% carbon content. Separation of the fine fraction from large fraction is carried out on sorting and packing line.

5. We can portion and pack charcoal into different package from big-bags to kraft-paper bags of a different size.

6. We value our reputation of a reliable company, which the customerscan entrust solution of their problems about search, purchase and delivery of charcoal.

7. Customers buying charcoal from our company have the ability to research the properties of coal and obtain optional certificate of conformity in test center of the State Enterprise Ukrainian State Research Institute for Carbon chemistry (UKHIN) under the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine.

8. We operate business in strict accordance with the law. Indispensable prerequisite of customer relationsis conclusion of contract, which carries the officially fixed terms of our cooperation, mutual obligations and responsibilities of the parties.

9. For customers convenience company office is located in the bustling center of Kyiv: Konovaltsia street 31.

10. We can provide customers with the company’s vehicle for deal maintenanceduring visiting production and storage area of CARBON TRADING.